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How can I feature on social media? | Rate Medya

Nowadays, almost everyone has at least one technological device in each of our hands, these technological devices have many service categories today, and there are people who have very solid audiences just by spending time at these technological devices and providing content to people. Although there are many ways to gain an audience, in this article we will discuss the most common and easy way, social media. For more detailed and technical information, you can download our free e-book.

How Does the Algorithm of Social Media Work?

We all go on social media at least once a day, but how does this flawless algorithm work that makes us addicted and eager to it?

Social media is perhaps better at knowing our interests than we are because it keeps track of the content you browse, review, like, save, comment on and more without you even realizing it and stores it so that it can show you better content. You can learn more about the algorithm by downloading our free e-book.

How to Gain Followers on Social Media?

Once you know the algorithm, there is actually not much work left. Knowing your audience and producing content that your audience wants and that the algorithm will highlight more. After maintaining this content stability for a while, you will see that our account starts to fall into "discover", so what is this discover?

What is "Discover" on Social Media?

Discover is one of the parts where the algorithm works intensively. Social media offers you appropriate content under titles such as discover, for you, etc. By following the content that interests you, you indicate your interest in that content to the algorithm. Discover is a section of content collected for you. In order for us to see our content on discover, we need to produce content that will appeal to a certain segment.

How to Manage a Social Media Account?

Having a good audience may not be that easy; for your audience to be loyal to you, you need to be loyal to them. The accuracy, quality and accessibility of the content you produce must be high. There should be a specific segment that you produce content for, such as books, forests or hobbies, but we recommend that you produce content on a topic that you love. It is very important that you don't get bored while producing content and that you do it even if you don't get interaction for a long time because sometimes it can take a while for our content to get interaction. There are many ways to keep your social media posts organized. There are various social media management tools available and you can pay a certain fee for them and you can direct all your content. There are also tools that offer these services for free.

How to Earn Money from Social Media?

Making money from social media may seem like the easiest and coolest way for many people these days. Making money from social media is quite simple, but it requires a lot of commitment and persistence, nothing is easy. There are different ways to monetize social media and the most common ones are listed below.

  • Promoting products or services of different companies.

  • Promoting the organizations of different companies.

  • Promote your own products or services.

  • Go live streams to collect gifts.

Besides all these, there is no limit to making money from social media, as long as you have a loyal audience from a certain segment, it will be easier for you to cooperate. The important thing is to have loyal and quality followers, not the number of followers.


Our e-Book

In a short and concise way, we mentioned in our article, and for those who want to reach an advanced level on social media and reach a high number of followers, we have presented a short e-Book for those who want to have different detailed information about social media, you can download and read the e-Book for free.

Secrets of Social Media
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