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Subscription Agreement

Rate Prime Subscription Contract

What is the Subject of the Contract?

Rate Prime subscription provides the consumer with the advantages specified in the conditions section on a monthly basis, as well as services such as graphic design, social media management for one month, within the framework of some rules and limits specified in the Rate Prime Subscription Conditions section. The contract will be proof that these rules are accepted and that it will be responsible for the necessary consequences in case of non-compliance with the rules and objection. The contract is valid for the duration of the subscription process.

What is the Service Period?

All consumers who have a "Rate Prime" subscription can enjoy the privileges and benefits of this service for one month. In case of a problem due to a technical problem arising during the service process, the service provider (Rate Media) has the right to stop, restrict, postpone and cancel the subscription.

How Does the Payment Process Work?

A monthly fee determined for the "Rate Prime" subscription is collected from the consumer on the first day of the service, the payment can be postponed to any day within that month and can be collected in the following months without increasing the basic unit price, but if the payment cannot be collected, the service provider (Rate Media) has the right to stop, restrict and cancel the subscription.

What is Included in the Service Process?

These advantages, which are specified throughout the subscription period, are social media management and graphic design on a monthly basis. These services are offered to the customer on a monthly basis within certain limits and rules. You can access these limits and rules from the Rate Prime Subscription Conditions section and review the rules.

Termination of the Contract

In the event that the subscription is canceled for valid reasons with the consent of both parties, the subscription will be stopped, no more payments will be received except for the service provided that month, the subscription will be canceled and the contract will be deemed invalid. The contract will be hosted on our servers for three months (90 days) and then terminated. 

Rate Prime Subscription Terms

In order for the subscription to be realized flawlessly and completely, it is necessary to provide the necessary information during the registration process and to provide complete and accurate personal / corporate information that may be requested in the future regarding the registration process. In case of incorrect or incomplete information, the service provider (Rate Medya) may suspend, cancel or restrict the subscription. 

Services Provided and Limits

The service provided during the subscription is carried out by the employees of the service provider (Rate Medya). In case of any victimization of the service recipient during the subscription process, the service provider is obliged to eliminate the victimization within the framework of the conditions, limits and subscription agreement. The service provided is graphic design, social media management and editing for one month, each subscription process is one month and these services are provided within the limits below.

The service provided in graphic design will not be different from the one determined by the recipient or the giver, and the number of services (designs made) provided per month will not exceed twenty-five in total during the subscription period of that month.

During the social media management process, some information of the service recipient will be taken due to the installation. The data will be stored within the framework of the KVKK Law and will never be used for any purpose other than installation.

The service recipient is fully responsible for any negative feedback and reaction that may occur in advertisements given on social media. The service provider (Rate Medya) is only obliged to provide, edit and delete the advertising service.

Security problems that may occur by the service provider (Rate Medya) during the social media management process belong to the service provider (Rate Medya), but in cases where the service recipient does it on his own on the account and creates a security gap, the obligation of the service provider is removed and the responsibility for any situation that may occur belongs entirely to the service recipient.

During the subscription period, the service provider is only responsible for the content that it creates, plans and designs, and the service recipient is fully responsible for the changes that he / she will make in his / her social media accounts and the consequences that may arise from the changes.

The contract is deemed valid if the limits and conditions set above are complied with. The service recipient is fully responsible for any consequences that may arise in case of non-compliance with the conditions. In case of non-compliance with the conditions, the service provider (Rate Medya) may stop, cancel or restrict the subscription.

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