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How to Make Voice Over with AI? | AI Cover

A new technology that broke audience records on platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and Youtube has been launched and attracted the attention of both users and listeners. This artificial intelligence, which works by integrating with artificial intelligence using any small voice recording, re-vocalizes any text, video or music for you using the voice tone of the person you want. This excellent artificial intelligence is available for free. Let's examine how you can make your own AI Covers step by step.

AI Voice Over Website

There are many different sources that provide this service, the free and most publicized is the website, where we can import any music, video or audio file we want.

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Using AI Voice

Once you've uploaded the audio file you want, it gives you a free selection of ready-made AI voice-over formats of many heads of state, public figures or fictional characters to choose from.

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How to Voice a Character's Voice with AI?

If you want to use the voice of any character you want, you can have it for $50 and you can print out the voice recording of any character with lifetime access. In addition to deer, this technology can be very useful in corporate projects in case of sound loss or problems.

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Some Music Dubbed with AI

By making some changes to the sounds created with this artificial intelligence, popular music is recreated, some of which can be said to be as high quality and successful as the original recordings, here are some of these "Cover" examples.

1- Cartoon AI Version

2- Gumball AI Version

Artificial intelligence updates are increasing in frequency and continue to surprise us in different ways, and it is predicted that we will use this technology in a more integrated way in different ways in our lives in the future.



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